I wish I had read these reviews prior to booking moving services with this company. Actually I booked it with Metropolitan Movers but I guess they subcontracted this Movers on Demand company. When I made my reservation for the services I requested for the truck not to be late since I had the elevator reserved for 10a.m. The moving crew arrived only at 10:45a.m. and by that time I had already taken downstairs all the boxes - only the sofa, the mattress and two drawers were left. The truck left to my new address and around 12:45 everything was done. My surprise came when one of the movers presented me with an invoice that had prices way more expensive than the estimate I had: To start they were charging me for 4 HOURS - even though the moving took only 2 hours all together - of course I made the first leg pretty much by myself since they were late. They said they had a minimu 4 hours services fee, something that was never told to me when I did the booking. They also charged me 80 dollars for STAIRS fee: 20 for each mover (2) for both homes. Detail: there were no stairs on my apartment and besides this cost was never quoted. Additionally, they came up with a 10% insurance fee on top of the HST, something that had not been quoted. After reading the reviews on the website I was really expecting great service or at least something fair but all I got was a complete scam. I am sure those testimonials are all fake. I did write to Metropolitan Movers afterwards to complain but they never responded, something that did not surprise me at all.

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