I called Kevin today and he was at my house within an hour. He happily refreshed the six-month-old bait in my basement and gave me some good pest-control advice, all while chatting with me about a dizzying variety of subjects. Because he had already been to my place in Feb. he treated today's visit as a complimentary follow-up: no charge! I've never dealt with a contractor as friendly, reasonable, and interesting as Kevin at GTA Pest — and I doubt you have either. Highly recommended.

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Company Response

Thanks funny review can't stop laughing. The city is infected with Norway rats. For everyone please understand you can't stop rodents from digging in up through the infrastructure by blocking holes. They must be controlled and eliminated using government licensed rodenticide until they no longer exist. You can't wish them away. Toronto's core is hardest hit. We need trust from customers to win the war. Big Kev