Collins & Greig Cartage Limited 35 Coronet Rd. Toronto, on M8Z 2L8 416-239-2991 To whom it may concern, I sign a contract with the above company on May 12, 2017, they were highly recommend by a lady I know, who new them & also had moved her several times. Referrals is better than not knowing a company for your move. I moved on June the 8, 2017, everything seemed to be going well, except they were very slow. I also had someone to do the packing from the same movers. They had arrived at 8.00am If I suggested something, they were very rude. They were suppose to finish loading the van by 12.00pm, they took 90 minutes more than expected. I had book the elevator where I was moving `from 12 to 4.00pm The estimate was 10 hours. Since they arrived late at my destiny, 10 Old Mill Tr. Etobicoke On #205, They only emptied half the van by 4.00pm. So they had to leave the premises has the building booked another moved. I was upset, so I asked the security guard if they could come back the next morning , he checked, everything was ok. The van came back at 9.30am., they had change my furniture into another van, that’s when my furniture got broken. The movers were 2 young men, one was one of the owners son, I don’t think they were to happy, so they tried to move my furniture fast, one of my bureau has a long crack on the side, & when you open the doors, it’s crack inside, a piece of wood fell on the floor, I asked them to be careful, they didn’t care. I am missing a piece of glass for one of my curio, and one of my small table is crack. I moved several times, i never had anything broken. I never received a statement regarding How much I owed the, they paid themselves with my credit card without my permission. I called them re: the broken items and why they took the money out of my visa, the secretary Joanne, said one of the Craig men would get back to me, he never did. I kept calling, always with the same answer. Also, Finally 3 weeks later after another call , I received the statement. Needles to say I was very frustrated, I am 75 years old, and that kind of behaviour was very upsetting. Especially, the movers were very rude, I was treated like they were paying me, not a way to treat a customer. I would never refer them to anyone, certainly I would not hired them for another move. I called it the move from hell. Regards, Jean9

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