SureCut filled in our pool three years ago but did not remove the pool heater (as they do normally) because it had asbestos. Fair enough. Mike told us that we had to pay to have the asbestos to be removed, and then he would remove the pool heater. Fair enough. We had the asbestos removed, and then for three years we have played a very un-amusing and frustrating game of calling, receiving no answer, leaving messages, asking to have the heater removed, occasionally receiving promises to call us back, and hearing nothing. It has been THREE years and the pool heater is still there, despite occasional fervent and sincere-sounding promises to contact us again in 24 hours (the most recent two weeks ago). There has been no contact back to us unless we chase Mike and SureCut's representatives up again. And the cycle starts again. And the pool heater is still there. While the work is more or less acceptable (despite the fact that the ground has sunk in), the lack of communication and failure to follow through is intolerable. I strongly urge potential customers to find other companies.

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