We bought the AC unit and on May 27 and installed on June 5, the AC unit works great and installation is smooth. I would've given the company 10 stars but after the horrible aftersales experience with the sale man who we bought the AC from, I wouldn't recommend the company to anyone. We have two problems after the installation which is not related to the AC unit itself. One problem is the $400 rebate application, it got declined because the serial number of the unit that Reliance submitted is duplicated or has been used, another problem is that the contractor forgot to install the themostat on the installation day (we have an old one is in use, they suppose install a new one to replace it). I have contacted the salesman that we bough the AC from many times and he always give us the same answer that he has already contacted rebate department and installation department and will get back to us when he hears anything. However it has been almost a month and NOTHING was done to resolve the problems. When I fed up with his attitude and demanded a real answer and he told me " sometimes we need to wait for an answer"! It is very unprofessional the way he treated us and I wouldn't never buy anything from him if knew this would happen. I am not picky person and I thought these couple problems (which wasn't even my fault) could be fixed in no time but the outcome is vey disappointing. The AC unit from the Reliance is great and I wish I could give the company 10 stars but I just can't after this experience with the salesman. By the way, the salesman frist name is Chon Houi, I hope you treat you next customer better than the way you treated us.

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Company Response


I'm terribly sorry for the experience that you've had with your Home Comfort Advisor and I would like to follow up on this for you. You can email me at and I would be happy to look into your rebate and assist in any way that I can.

Thank you,



Used this company because we saw the good reviews on the website. The guy came and fixed the eavestroug but missed one corner (the nail on the eavestroug was sticking out, he really just need to pond it back in). Called many times and left message to ask someone to come back to fix it but none came. Finally when I left message to tell them that I will not pay unless the problem is fixed, someone came and fixed the problem (only took 5 minutes). I paid in full with credit card right away. Month later, they called to tell me that I opened chargeback on them which I didn't, then they tell me they will take away my real estate agent license which I don't have. I think they are confusing me with someone else and called back left message to tell them to clarify the matter and they tell me that THEY WILL TAKE ME TO THE COURT IF I LEAVE BAD REVIEW here. (Really?) I have filed police restraining order to pervert those guys come anywhere near my house just in case. The whole thing has become so strange and I don't know what is going on with them, however I will NOT recommend them to anyone. ---------------Update---------- After the review is posted , one woman from their office just called and all I can hear is "F" this or "F" that. She doesn't even give you a chance to talk and then hang up! When I call back, only voice mail. I called my credit card company and everything is paid and there is no chargeback is opened, so if you want to sue me, go right ahead!! Everything I wrote here is true and I would recommend people to stay away from this company just to avoid the harassment that I am going through right now. ( By the way, I have already called Police and they are coming to write police report for the harassment this time) ----- Final Update - they admitted that they received the payment and ask me to remove the bad review and I refused. Since the day I refuse to take down the review, they have been emailing me with lawsuit threaten letter and calling from "unknown number" almost everyday, the call will come in daytime, night time, 3AM and sometime they will leave threaten messages. Even with police's involvement (filed 3 police reports so far), the call is still coming. Today I finally decided to change my phone number and hopefully the harassment will stop here and also filing the harassment charges at police station. I wish could upload those voicemail messages they left to me to let people know what kind of people is running this company. The owner Rhoda is the rudest people I ever spoke to, if she could've calmed down for a second to listen to other people's opinion, the thing might have turned out differently To the company, I have changed my phone number, so you don't need get up 3AM or 4AM to call me as unknown number anymore, To people see this review - I don't know how true are those "good" reviews are, but STAY AWAY from this company because they will do anything they can to harass you if you are not happy with the service and want to leave a bad review here. This is my true experiences with this company and I hope my phone harassment nightmare ends now.

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Company Response

We have had several clients at the same time trying to evade payment
We will not tolerate psychopathic demoralizing behaviour .
This client is talking to the computer
writing information that is untrue and irrelevant
He is hoping to avoid legal action by slandering our name -
This is a fault of HOME STARS and the way they allow unstructured rants for everyone's entertainment .

This client is very very ill we may have to forgo collection .
It is evident that the calls may have gotten mixed up however this person is lying in an attempt to avoid payment and we have the proof .
There were no messages left to us
We called for payment that was 1 month in arrears He is accustomed to doing whatever he can in the system to avoid payment - errors do occur but this was no error it was a planned attempt to avoid payment after receiving service .
Happens only rarely but one bad bad apple can ruin it for every body .
If someone threatens us we have the right to sue .
This passive aggressive stance is dangerous to business and serves no purpose / If you receive service it is expected you pay when there is a 3 year warrantee attached -

A non payment issue is not a reason for a review -- so now HOMESTARS WILL HELP THESE CLIENTS AVOUD PAYMENT - What has the world come to
See all the other reviews for a more accurate review

We know the public understands there are. 2 positions and both are not right .
This client keeps sending us threatening emails from a bogus email
address we have now called the police and notified Homestars


Had to remove a old dying tree from my back yard. Called them and they showed up next day. Did a good job and did not leave any mess! I am happy with the service.

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We had a lot garbage when we frist moved in to the house. Called the company and they were able to drop off the bin next day. Once we filled up the bin and called them, the came picked up the bin next day. Good service and will use them again in the future. Thanks

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Had to replaced all the windows for the house , the sales man came to my house and give me reasonable estimated. I put the order in on the same day and windows was installed within a week. Everything is great and can't complaint about anything. There were two guys working on the intallation day and did great job.

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Ordered the flower online for a event. the price is decent and was delivered on time. Flower arragnment is wonderful and it is better than the ones shown on the website. Never need to call anyone but everything was done professional. Thanks

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Well done product and beautifully color cobimnation.The sales woman in the store Tina is warm and kind and very helpful and the delivery was fast and smooth, will shop there again for sure!!!

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