We started looking at adjustable beds and mattresses in all the usual places. After much research, we decided to buy a split king adjustable bed and all latex mattresses. The bases can be found very easily around the GTA. The mattresses were a completely different story. Besides being expensive, there are very few places that offer ALL latex mattresses. Most of the ones we found only had a top layer of latex and the rest was foam. We were not very optimistic...until I found Naturelle. I made an appointment and went to Mississauga to test out the mattresses. The owner was very helpful and is genuinely interested in getting the right type of bed and mattress for you (even if it's not from them). There was no pressure to buy during my appointment. After a second visit (with my significant other) we decided to buy 2 twin xl Legget and Platt adjustable beds and 2 twin xl latex mattresses (green apple, 6" of latex, plus. 2" latex topper in our desired "softness"). We saved more than half of what we would've paid at a specialty store by buying from Naturelle and we got exactly what we wanted. The beds and mattress were delivered 2 days later and the set up took about 45 minutes (mostly getting the heavy boxes up to the second floor). We've had our beds for approximately 2 weeks now and couldn't be happier. Being able to raise our feet and head has helped alleviate pains and aches. The bed came with a "massage" function that we didn't think we were going to use, but it has become one of our favourite features. I can't say enough to good things about the mattresses. They are extremely comfortable and we noticed that they seem to regulate body heat very well (I'm always cold and my husband is always hot). To make a long story short, we should've gotten these beds a long time ago!. Great investment. I highly recommend Naturelle.

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