We decided to replace the eavestroughs, aluminum, and siding on the front of our house this spring. It was very hard to find a company willing to follow through on the job as many either never responded to our request or never sent a quote after the first visit. We were referred to Ontario Siding & Gutters by our roofing contractor from last year. The job they completed was OK but not great. We paid a premium for a nice composite siding but the installers did not level it properly on the substructure so it looks wavy and bumpy. Granted they discovered 100 year old wood shingles under the old aluminum siding but didn't make a lot of effort to make the new siding look better or give us options on how to proceed. They were also sloppy when installing some soffit panels above a balcony door. The eavestroughs crew did a great job though. I would recommend them if you need someone to do the job but only for eavestroughs. I would not recommend them for any aluminum or siding work.

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