Personal opinion and experience with the Reolink cameras considered my worst purchase ever (HORRIBLE) *** IF I KNEW WHAT I NOW KNOW I WOULD HAVE NEVER PURCHASED THESE CAMERAS. I WOULD STRONGLY ADVISE YOU NOT TO PURCHASE THESE BATTERY OPERATED CAMERAS ***. I spent a lot of money on these cameras only after doing research on the camera as well as receiving the reassurance from Think Protection agents that the cameras were really good and that the battery life was excellent. It is extremely frustrating and upsetting to realize that all my cameras which contain 4 CR123A 3 volt batteries ( GOOD QUALITY BATTERIES ARE NOT CHEAP) had a battery life of less then two months with no viewing of the live video what so ever and no recording at all. This was originally mentioned as the potential reason why the batteries would drain much quicker. Upon speaking to Think Protection agents multiple times the usual response was to view and determine the amount of time used for viewing the live video or the amount of recording time as well as the review of PR sensor settings as well as wifi signal or position of the camera angle. Screen shots were provided and low and behold it was determined that not enough live viewing was done to drain the batteries so quickly. In less then a total of 4 months of usage 72 batteries had to be replaced. Long story short a bunch of scripted information was thrown at me and the only solution to the problem was to upgrade each camera with a wire which requires a manual hole to be created in the back of the camera and once punctured will automatically void the warranty or to simply just start using rechargeable batteries instead. I requested a refund and was told outright that nothing could be done about it. I feel like i was completely ignored and for that reason my final statement stands as i have and will continue to go above and beyond to make sure that anyone and everyone I know does not end up purchasing these cameras from Think Protection

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