The company has completely gone down hill. While they seemed ok for the first year we used them we ended up with an amazing cleaning team who was inconsistent in the times they showed up, took our keys to their personal residence and the last straw was when they brought in someone ( family member) who was not bonded so they could get the job done faster but still wanted to charge us the same amount as if this person was not with them. They lost their credibility with me. To make matters worse when I called to complain I got a stock scripted answer " your opinion is very important to us and we will get another team right away. I will get back to you by the end of the day." I know it was scripted because both kyle and Miguel said the same thing. Neither of them got back to us. The cleaner finally showed up at my door unannounced two weeks later and gave me my keys back. There is zero boundaries, zero accountability with this company. I am utterly disgusted with the way they do business.

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