June 26, 2018 - We own a small design company and paid the Ironman owner Tom Mourgas a $1400 (50%) deposit back in March of this year to have a metal pergola built. The job was never started and Tom will not return our $1400! He says his business has slowed down and that he does not have the funds. The irony is that if he just went ahead and fabricated the pergola he'd have received the remaining $1400. We have been forced to look for another supplier adding considerable time and frustration for our client. Obviously this negatively impacts our reputation. We will now have to consider going to small claims court. A real shame.

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One of the worst client experiences in my professional career. As a relatively new landscape design firm, we sought the advice from a sales representative for the selection of wall veneer for a proposed deck. Our contractor went to pick up the product and after review concluded that an inappropriate stone veneer had been recommended for the job. This resulted in a scramble to modify the stone at our cost, a delay at the job site for the contractor and a very upset client/homeowner. Parkview's response was disingenuous, their arguments circuitous and in some cases, untrue. It was like meeting Donald Trump. Small business owners - beware!

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