- Purchased 25 lights - One was completely wrong design and I had the Electrician on-site waiting to hang. Lando promised I would have the correct light within 2 hours. It was 5 hours later and I had to pay the Electrician for a full day vs. the planned 3 hours. - Master Bedroom light did not arrive in time for install by Electrician as promised - Correct light came but with wrong colour crystals - Lando promised to send correct crystals which they did along with master light and have an Installer come to switch the crystals and fit the master bed light. This was February 2017 and I am still chasing Lando Lighting. I am very frustrated and disappointed. Perhaps $8,000.00 is not a sufficiently high value for this store to care. They also needed payment in full prior to delivery which was fine but wish I had held $ back now in view of this. I have been calling and texting and still waiting to hear back.

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