We bought a great Pacific stove, new chimney liner, chimney cap and custom surround but 3 months later smoke was billowing into my house I called to report something was wrong with the stove. I was told by more than one person that nothing was wrong with my stove. They said that the warmer weather was responsible. After multiple calls back and cancelling the appointment twice, (third time's a charm, I guess), the guy finally showed up. He said that there was nothing wrong with the stove yet, he hadn't even started a fire in it. I told him to start a fire and apparent ly something WAS wrong with the system. He still tried to blame the problem on the weather, "It's been so windy" then our wood, "you must be burning crap wood" When it was all said and done there was a problem with the chimney cap which THEY installed. He called a chimney sweep who checked out the roof. When the guy was on the roof, Chad, from Amherst Farmers Supply just LEFT, with my stove in the middle of my living room, the hearth covered in soot and the custom surround (which also took 3 times to make it the right size) standing up against my couch. My husband, the chimney sweep, our contractor and myself were stunned. The chimney sweep felt so bad about it that he stayed to help us reinstall the stove while our 3 SMALL children waited for dinner. Then the surroud didn't fit and wobbled back and forth. For 3000 dollars, I think they could have done A LOT better, or at least showed some respect for our house and our purchase. NO WORK ETHIC and no RESPECT for the customer. Bottom line is that you get a lot of attention when you're looking to buy and absolutely none after they've taken your money. BEWARE!!!

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