Purchased the Big Ball canister in April. My order was processed efficiently and received quickly. After a few uses I decided to return the vacuum as I found there is a design flaw which causes dirt, dog hair, etc to get stuck at the connection point where the hose connects with the wand. I called customer support and they suggested I wipe down the hose and vacuum with a dryer sheet that this should solve the problem. I was skeptical but agreed to try this. This helped remove the static on the vacuum but did not solve the problem of hair, dirt, etc getting caught in the hose. Called support again and there was no problem to return it and I promptly received a paid return label for Purolator. The company does state that it could take 30 days to process the return which is a ridiculous amount of time given today's technology. It has now been in excess of 30 days and still no refund on my credit card. After two phone calls I am told that it will take a further 3-5 business days. Completely unacceptable.

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