After 16 years of hard working, my furnace went dead last week. I always relied on Mackay for the check up so I called Mackay. Sales person visited my house on Monday and they put new Furnace today (Thursday). They could come early I believe but I couldn't get day off until Today. I only get a quote from Mackay so I cannot tell whether Mackay was cheaper than the other companies but I guess the price should be competitive, or possibly slightly higher given that Mackay is reputable company. When it comes to maintaining a house, hiring a cheap company is not always good idea, which I learned in hard way. I cannot tell how well they did their job because I am far from techy guy but I was impressed by the small things, like the way they put carpet for the stairs (for protection), or the way they put pipes, etc. I believe these small things add up in the end. My original furnace was on the ground but Mackay put some sort of elevation so that my furnace will be saved from possible water damage in the basement. That was a nice surprise. All in all, I am very happy with Mackay. Again, I've never dealt with the other company so I cannot compare Mackay with others but I believe Mackay is at least as good as other companies.

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Company Response

Thank you so much for this incredible compliment to our incredibly hard working, caring work family!!! I adore that you only know us!!!! thank you for that. that is a huge compliment to our efforts, and at times, when our heads are heavy and tired, and the bigger guys have the money to advertise..we know you customers will pay for that...and we choose to do things the way things were done, when you only needed to shake a hand, and that deal was a solid as our blood lines.!!! thank you for pointing out the smaller things, that we are never ever not doing. even when no one is looking, this company does the RIGHT all is our our own legacy. it is our promise to you thank you so very very much...jamie blom vice president..Mackays