Has to be the worst customer service experience I've ever had. First delivery date I was told was to be April 7th but I had to drive to their office to find out if it was really happening. When I arrived there they said they'd be there in an hour but couldnt explain why a phone call or email couldnt have been sent to confirm it. It did arrive in an hour but with the wrong edge was routered and although they offered me a discount on it, it did not look bathroom appropriate. They took it back and i was told it would take 2 weeks. Even more frustrating because of the fact that I had even made a special trip to their office to show them which edge I wanted at which time girl Friday Erica made a note on my order sheet. On April 25th i received a text message that owner Paul had confirmed delivery for Wednesday May 2. That's 4 weeks not 2 weeks for re-routering edges which I learned takes an hour to do. During that time they told me that the type of granite i ordered doesn't take the waterfall edge very well and it could be rough and not finished very well as if it was story concocted to convince me to take the countertop as is because they never told me that when I ordered it. They also told me that it is a premium edge and that it would cost extra which I told them I would not be paying for due to their errors and delays. Then on Friday April 28th I was emailed that the install date was now Friday May 4th and Paul would contact me to confirm. Surprise no contact from Paul all week so again I drove to their office on Friday May 4th and found the office closed except for 2 fabricators in the work shop. My countertop was in the shop and had the waterfall edge routered but Paul was apparently out doing quotes. I left a written message for him to call me and you guessed Paul call. Monday May 8th at 1 pm I drove to the office and confronted Erica about such poor customer service. She volunteered to get Paul on his cellphone which I declined because he has never contacted me when I have asked to speak with him or to confirm anything. Erica She was unable to answer why he did not bother to call me after I left the written note last Friday. Erica did say that it will be installed sometime this week that Paul will call to confirm at which point i laughed because I've heard that story before. Anyhow Erica plays fast and loose with the truth and at one point after a few early misfires on delivery dates told me that Paul was now in charge of arranging and confirming delivery dates which of course is a joke because he doesn't call anyone apparently. Still don't know when its coming but this is a main bathroom which has been un-functional for 5 weeks because of a countertop and sink and not a coffee table for my living room ...a bathroom. incredible incompetence

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