I have a two-storey unit with about 80 feet of floor-to-ceiling windows. Unfortunately they all face West. For eight months of the year the heat transfer was unbelievable, even with two heat pumps running around the clock, and dual motorized sun shades and black out blinds. I called Neil, arranged an appointment, and he arrived exactly when he said he would. He took the measurements, narrowed down the choices for me (which was helpful since there were so many types of film), and two weeks later his installers showed up and handled the job like pros. They weren't the friendliest pair of guys, but after wasting so much of my life on chatty tradesmen, I kind of appreciated their "all business" attitude. Well, the payoff has been amazing. Neil claimed the tint would reduce heat transfer by 50%, so I was hoping for 30% at best. But he wasn't padding the numbers. If you crack the sliding door and stand in the direct sunlight, then close it and stand behind the tint, the difference is truly amazing. I've spent hundreds of thousands getting my condo into shape, and I can easily say that--dollar for dollar--this is the best money I've ever spent. If you're having trouble with heat, or if you have nice furniture you don't want faded, call these guys. They're reasonable, professional, and the results are worth every penny.

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Company Response

Thank you Caleb for taking the time to share your review. We are happy to hear that your experience with Apex was a positive one and that you are experiencing the benefits of solar control window films in your condo - we know from experience what a difference these films can make in improving comfort, protecting interiors from fading and reducing air conditioning loads, but it is sometimes difficult for consumers to believe possible. Your review will be so helpful for those looking for solutions for their heat control issues. We sincerely appreciate your business and your positive review.


If you've ever tried to hang a door, you know it's a job best left to the pros. I emailed Henry the sizes I needed, he sent me a quote the next day, and a month later he installed six solid-core doors in about 8 hours. No callbacks, no problems. He handled all of the unexpected hurdles (warped frames, frames pulling away from wall, etc.) without any trouble. My only neg was the big mess left by his planer and router, but in a condo with a snow-covered terrace, it was hard to avoid. Recommended.

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