I was told by the sales rep that they would be able to get all the metal clean. I even made sure that they where aware of the vines that were previously there. I was advised that I would not have to pay anything if I was not satisfied with the work done. First the rep that had offered me the deal did not call me. I had to contact them to get a cleaning date. The day came and the two students started to clean them for two hours before advising me that they were not going to be able to clean them perfectly. One even said I would not pay for the best job that we would be able to do here, we. Just do not have the tools. When I called the rep I was told that I would not get back my deposit because the students did work for 2 hours. What happened to the original agreement that I would not have to pay if I was not satisfied with the work. Think twice before hiring.

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Company Response

Hi Brad, we are sorry that your experience with us has not been a good one. Can you please contact Catherine at 1-800-465-2029 to give her more information (the name of the rep, your contract number, etc.) so we can look further into this? Thank you - Student Works