Garage Living DISASTER! Alex the sales rep sold the job then disappeared never to be seen again. Day one they didn't know how to get into the garage, screwed up the high lift kit, couldn't figure out how to shorten the new openers. Day 2 locked themselves out AGAIN, tried to fix the doors and did the floor. Installed the wrong stairs so had to come back and rip them out. Still insisting the openers couldn't be shortened I sent Alex an email from the manufacturer explaining how. Now his story changed from they can't to oh we won't because it voids the warranty. I told him no issue just do it. He refused. Day 3 replaced stairs and had to redo flooring. They installed the slat wall too high so all the chunks out of the foundation are exposed (you'll never see that on there website). Builder had used a 6" wide shim at foundation. When they redid the stairs they wiped some epoxy on the butt end of the shim to try and cover it up. Emailed Alex that night as slat wall was complete...except the garage door wall wasn't touched! I asked if a complete garage makeover only included 3 walls!?!? His slat wall guy said it's too hard, different elevations, narrow spots. I asked what about all the electrical outlets and switches that we're all mixed matched and missing cover plates...apparently for $25k you have to buy and install those yourself. Alex never showed up once through this entire mess, when they called for release of the final payment I said absolutely NOT until you fix the mistakes, two months later I find out when I get my credit card statement they took the money. I've called twice and asked for one of the managing directors to come see how they left the job...neither will return my call! #garagelivingdisaster

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Company Response

Mr. Davis. Thank you for your feedback. We take our customer service and satisfaction very seriously. Clearly there are issues that you have outlined that I would like to personally address. I have pulled the file from July 2016 and spoken to our team to ensure I completely understand the details of the project. Please give me a call at our office ext. 276 so that we can discuss in greater detail.
Aaron Cash, Managing Partner