Trevor came out and checked my furnace as it went dead. He found that the light switch to apply power to the furnace was turned off. Trevor also replaced part of clear plastic tube that at some point leaked in the past. Charged us $100 extra for flipping the switch and $1 of tubing a "minor adjustment." I called Gord, the manager at Winnipeg Supply and asked him "what's up." Gord said he sticks by his pricing plan. Paid $224 for 10 minutes of work. That's over $1200 an hour. I don't get paid to drive to my work and I don't get paid anywhere close to $1200 an hour. Watch out for these guys.

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Company Response

We are very sorry for your experience and would like to learn more about your situation. Please contact us at with your full name on the account and phone number so we can reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you.