This company is a complete FRAUD. Whatever you not use them. I called to have a cleanout drain located and/or installed in my basement. Spoke with Scott on the phone and he said that he would camera for free because he was interested why there was not cleanout and would do the job for $750. I informed him that I had someone who was not a professional plumber camera the drain and we found where the cleanout should be from what we could tell, we broke out the tiles and it was not there, so we think the builder may have concreted over it. DAY BEFORE JOB I called to confirm the appointment and what they would be doing. It was confirmed that they would be doing everything the next day (digging it up, installing etc.) JOB DAY Plumber comes on time and comes to the basement and informs me he has no camera and he was just told he would dig it up and install, I assume based on where we located the drain? This is extremely unprofessional and is actually crazy a plumber would come out with no camera for a job like this especially. I was confused and told him what I was told, but took the day off work and assumed he would be able to get it done (my mistake). He began to dig up the ground where I said we located the line and he digs a 2ft hole and says to me "I don't think so" (he didn't think the line was there). He says give me a minute to go get something to dig it up and I see him outside on the phone... "I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE" He comes back in and says "I'm not even supposed to be here", "someone was supposed to come on Monday with a camera and everything" ... I reply that's funny because I confirmed everything yesterday, he says that's what his boss told him. CONTRADICTING STORIES I call the company and the secretary informs me that she's sorry but they had to call back all their employees for some leaks in a building. -At this point I don't say anything about the two different stories, but I ask for the boss who is "Scott". They tell me he's not in and he will call me back. Few hours go by no call. I call back and they tell me they gave him the message I say well problem here is you guys are telling me two different stories, she says I don't know you have to talk to Scott. I ask again for him to call - nothing. THE "OFFICE" DOES NOT EXIST If you google the address of the business it comes up as 157 Harwood - there is no office there, they receive mail there. I went by hoping to have more luck but to my surprise; nothing is there. I call and get an answering service who is not connected with the company. They are no help and tell me that's the address they have for the business. NO PHONE CALL I have now attempted to get a hold of someone in charge (i.e. Scott) several times and he CHOOSES not to return my call. I have a hole in the floor of my basement with no explanation for the person you sent with no equipment and no apology or explanation from the owner. They are supposed to come Monday, but I told the lady on the phone no I need to discuss the matter first and he needs to call me back. -Furthermore they were not picking up my calls the next day and when I tried calling from a different number they picked up - sketchy. PLUMBER COULDN'T FIND LINE I took a screwdriver and few inches down the line is clearly there. How in the world a "professional" could not find it I'm not sure? NEXT STEPS I will contact various people to discuss the activity of this company not to mention the hole they left in my basement (I will not be letting them work on my house considering whats happened to this point). A bad review is just the start :)

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We had a blockage to from our drain in the basement to the main sewar line. Aaron P was sent out to take a look. Aaron was knowledgeable, professional and friendly. At no point did he give me a "never seen that before" feeling LOL. Aaron was able to clear the blockage and cleaned up after. He also discussed a few other issues I was having and gave me insight for potential causes. One of the better customer service experiences I've had in recent memory.

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Company Response

Hi Vijay, thank you for the great review. Glad we were able to help and clear the blockage for you. It was a pleasure working with you and we do look forward to working with you in the future should you need us. Thank you from Aaron and The Waterworks Team.