The power was flickering on and off in my basement without tripping the breaker. I called this company to check it out to be in the same side. David took the time to show me the problem (electrical arching with a wire melting at the breaker). Naturally seeing the melted wire made me nervous and David took the time to explain what he believed caused the issue (poorly backstabbed receptacles and lose wiring at the breaker). He checked all the receptacles on the circuit and adjusted all of the back stabbed receptacles to a screw down setup. Really appreciated him talking the time to explain the problem and how he was fixing it. He went the extra mile by taking the time to make sure we felt safe. Thanks David. I highly recommend this company.

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Company Response

Thank you for taking the time to review David, our certified electricians and our company. We understand that electrical systems in homes are designed to provide safe power but only when installed properly. Routine maintenance would have helped predict faults like the one that you experienced but, I'm glad David was able to find and repair the issue while explaining the hazards to you. You might consider having every device in your home upgraded to prevent future faults.

Hellen Alafogiannis
Electrician 309 A