Microwave mounting bracket was installed very off center so that the tabs on the bracket did not line up with or fit into the slots in the back of the microwave. Because of this the back of the microwave was sitting on top of the bracket tabs instead of the tabs being inserted into the slots in the back of the microwave. This caused the microwave to be very unlevel from front to back because the back of the microwave is too high. Also, He didn`t use enough spackle to fill the screw holes in the sheet rock which left indentations in the wall behind the microwave.

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I'm astonished and lost for words as to how I'm going to reply to your review. You stood right therr by our side throughout the whole process while we were working AND you gave your approval both verbally as well as signing our invoice where it states "I'm satisfied with the work performed", then you turn around and leave this kind of review ?????????
Wow Bruce, no wonder why three other contractors walked out on you per your own statement that is.
Shame on me for not realizing what kind of a person you truly are at the very start.
Good luck to you in dealing with your conscious.

Doktor Handyman