From the first time we met Mike during his initial quote/consultation, he struck us as extremely professional and knowledgeable. He brought a sample window with him to his initial visit, which allowed us to play with the hardware so we'd understand how the windows operate and what they'd look like from both the interior and exterior once installed (of the four companies we received quotes from, Amica Windows was the only one to bring actual sample windows instead of just pictures.) After weighing the pros and cons of the four different companies we had received quotes from, we selected Amica Windows for our project for a few reasons: Amica's prices were fair (right down the middle of all quotes we had received), the warranty was superior to what other companies offered, and Mike was very responsive to our needs vs. the competitors. Our window install project was particularly complex because our home is located in a Heritage Conservation District. As a result, we needed permission from the City of Toronto to go ahead with the install. As part of the approval process, the City requested a great deal of information, including specifications and drawings that specified the exact dimensions of existing and new sash profiles to ensure the new windows would be in compliance with the Heritage guidelines. In total, the City's approval process lasted three months, during which period we had a number of back and forth phone calls and emails with Mike requesting more information and clarification, as directed by the City. Mike was incredibly patient in providing us the information we needed in a timely fashion throughout this process. Because of the delay caused by the City's approval process, the window install was pushed back several months, which posed a potential challenge as we needed to have the windows installed before January 2019. Mike explained our situation to the his manufacturer to see if they could expedite the process for us, which they were able to do! Because of Mike's understanding and willingness to help, the window installation was completed on time. Now that the windows are in, we are pleased with the end result as well as our decision to choose Amica, and wouldn't hesitate recommending them to other homeowners.

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Company Response

Hi Darcie

It was a pleasure working with you and we were happy to help ensure your project went smoothly with the city. Thank you very much for your business and thank you for taking the time to share your experience.


Amica Windows and Doors