After having Frank waterproof our semidetached home in Leaside, several years ago and being most satisfied with the quality of work, timing, very clean,neat way of working between me and my neighbour at 1'6" of my space, we were hoping Frank would do us a favour and take up the job we knew was incredibly challenging. We have moved to Prince Edward County, into a home, over 140 years old, built on the rock with a high water table. We were literally walking through 10" of water when raining or when snow would melt, regardless of the fact that we had 2 sump pumps running continuously, . Frank took up the impossible job of breaking the rock and waterproofing from the inside, installing weeping tiles, properly installed sump pumps (the pit needed to be at least 1' deeper), with back-up pump with the battery in case we ever run out of power. I am well aware of the sacrifice and human momentum here, as Frank did not walk away after jack-hammers were being burnt out, after drills broke, after being for a week in a 5' high space saving our house and with that, health of my child and myself. They worked round the clock in very difficult conditions, performing most difficult task of breaking the rock, to do the job the only way Frank know how - the RIGHT way. My daughter wrote this on her FB page the day they finished: "We are in absolute AWE at the kindness, resilience, devotion and truest form of friendship we have been shown ever. Feeling grateful beyond words to know such wonderful people who have put so much effort and time into helping us on a massive and difficult project. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, universe for bringing such gems into our lives. Feeling blessed to be surrounded by such people!" If you get Frank to work on your home, you will join the club of lucky ones. You will know the work was done in the most professional, conscientious, knowledgeable and neat way. I told him once and I will repeat again, there is no way he could ever be fairly reimbursed for the effort, heart and muscle, he invested into this project. One huge wholehearted THANK YOU will have to do for now!

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Company Response

It was a very difficult job, but your hospitality made it worthwhile at the end.

Thanks Draganna.