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When Hans saw my bathroom which I had painted in a classical creamy beige, he suggested to give it more character and personalize it by painting a Swedish Faux Finish technique. I agreed to it. Hans' work was fantastic to say the least! In a minimum of time he prepared the room for the application of that Faux Finish technique. I saw to my amazement how brilliant he was in handling the brushes. He choose a variety of colors that blend well together: soft salmon, a mellow yellow, some warm white, and a little touch of faint brown. He was a like magicien in handling the brushes. The result was absolutely flabbergasting. Everyone who ever entered my bathroom was taken by the colors and new dimention this technique added. The low ceiling didn't seem low anymore, and the small bathroom seem to be larger than it really was. Not only was I surprised by the result achieved in a very timely manner, but Hans also put all the things back where he had found them. Are you suprised that I am happy with his work? I bet you will too! Ask Hans what he can do for you, because he showed me his portfolio, and he has more Faux Finishe technique up his sleeve. I would say: he is an expert painter

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