Not a great experience at all. Bay Bloor delivered and installed a new smart tv to my home in March 2017, same size to the one i previously had. Got a call from installer (my wife was at home taking delivery) and he told me the screws would not line up with the existing stand. In the end, it was left 'hanging' on the bracket as opposed to being fully secured. Swivel function no longer worked. I ended up using twist ties, but I'm not comfortable with it. Installer did not tell sales guy, who i went in to see a few days later for advice. He had no idea. Heck, by that point I was even willing to spring for a new stand. Really problematic thing was I asked for their pros to come and do in the install, and that i was willing to pay above and beyond the $100.00 delivery fee just to get it done. Follow up email, no response. I'd never go back now, even though I've made purchases of headphones, remotes, plenty of bose products - and more! - throughout the years from Bay Bloor Radio. Really, really disappointing experience, based on the reviews I've read here. Even though the TV is great, I can't recommend Bay Bloor.

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