Great sales service in the Toronto locations and we were contacted constantly with regards to the availability of the sofa we have been waiting for. Delivery is today and that's when the nightmare comes. 1) They carry the sofa and make a HUGE DENT on the wall on our newly built home right at the entrance! They make it as if nothing had happened. 2) Did not take off their shoes when carrying it into the house so the house is a HUGE MESS. 3) We asked to help bringing the old sofa into the basement as replacement of the old ones; they refused to do so. I understand it is not part of their job but what if I asked them to bring the new sofa to the basement? Isn't that the same thing? It's not that we were not going to help them out. Are they not going to bring our new sofa to the basement if they were asked to do so? Even the people who contracted by our builder to just do the carpet runner on the stairs helped us bringing an enormous King size mattress upstairs to the master bedroom without looking forward for a tip or something. It was tough as the ceiling was blocking it and it was a lot of effort to do so. They had nothing to do with the mattress and they did not owe us anything but they were great people and willing to help out. Wonder how much going to cost me to fix the wall? Wonder how Decorium find those people to provide such bad delivery service?

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This store has moved to a new location and I had been following since they were in Mississauga Chinese Center. I believe most people do not know where they have moved to so here is the FYI: Since I'm old customer, I was given the new location with the website. A few years back, I just wandered into the store looking for Chinese Asian style of decoration as Christmas gift for my boss. From there onwards, I had been getting my Christmas gifts for my family, friends and co-workers from there. Plus I also decorated my home with the furnitures available like vases, screens, wall panels. Owners were great and they tried their best to get what you want.

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