Lucas did a thorough and comprehensive home inspection on a property we'd put an offer on. He took the time to walk us through every aspect of his inspection and explain what he was looking for, and why. We got a printed document summarizing his findings and recommendations, but the real value was in going over the property with Lucas and learning how things should be compared to how they actually were, what the implications of that were, and what to do about them. I went into the inspection thinking I would need to keep out of the way and let Lucas do his thing. Lucas explained the importance of having the client see and understand what he was looking at and know what that meant. The inspection lasted close to 3 hours and employed high-tech tools like thermal cameras to low-tech gadgets like tape measures and billiard balls. We were very satisfied with the scope and breadth of the inspection by 20/20 and we were able to purchase our home with a clear understanding of its condition. Not only did I get to see the nitty gritty of what our house was made of and how it was built, I learned a great deal about home maintenance along the way too. I would absolutely recommend 20/20 to friends and family.

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