After not so great experience years ago with a different contractor renovating our main bathroom, I have to admit, I was dreading the thought of going through kitchen renovation. We visited couple of places recommended by friends and were not impressed to say the least by a pushy tactics and “we do whatever you want” promises. Well, at that time we were not really sure want we want beyond wanting something different and functional. We were thinking about getting couple of quotes when we stopped at Foson in Hamilton and..... we never looked any further. First we met the designer María and that right away that was a unique experience in the most positive sense. She would listen, she would discuss options, she would say “please, do not do that” when discussing some of our ideas yet she would soon propose something different for consideration. As an engineer I could see a true professional that is serious about her job and her customers. After going through some iterations, discussing/selecting many details we were really happy with the prospect of the new kitchen and the price looked reasonable. Just a side comment: as the old saying goes, mostly you get what you pay for; a drawer is not equal to another drawer, the type of door, hinge, number of doors, drawers etc, all impact the bottom line. I do not want to hear “we do your kitchen for a fixed price”. Personally, I want to know the details, I want to know exactly what I am going to get and how much it will cost me. And that was precisely what María provided us with. Then came the installation process. Did everything go smoothly and on time? Well, no. As I sometimes joke with my colleagues engineers: ”The only purpose of a project schedule these days is so everyone knows how far behind we are”. Glitches in the process are never desired but what truly makes a difference is how the contractor responds. And I have to say that Peter (lead installer) and Maria were always on top of things in responding to our concerns and addressing them. I have to say, that I have not seen such professional and such detail oriented installation crews for a loooong time. For me it was a real pleasure to see Peter and his colleagues installing the cabinets, the granite crew meticulously fitting the pieces, and the backsplash installation process. In the end we could not be happier with the entire process and how our new kitchen turned out (my wife is thrilled to say the least). Two thumbs up to Foson and BIG THANKS to everybody involved!

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