Fernando and Daniel did a great job. The tiles are nice and straight, grout lines are clean, everything is even (flat) where the tiles come together. This job included 24 inch by 48 inch tiles which much be hard to put up. They were on time, efficient and clean-up nicely. I tend to be very picky with tradespeople and highly recommend Modern Flooring.

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Company Response

thank you very much Mr. Tim we appreciate and we are happy that you liked !


We had leaky and incorrectly pitched eaves causing flooding inside and outside the house. Andy came by, explained the issues and quoted on the work. He, Anthony and Sonny did a great job repairing the problem. They cleaned up nicely and also repaired some wood that was rotten due to a previous bad installation. After that huge Toronto rainfall we had yesterday (Aug 7, 2018) our basement was completely dry and the water flowed nicely away from the house.

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We enjoyed working with Bart. He came up with some great ideas for dealing with a long and narrow house and also a way to brighten up the second floor. He helped navigate the city and variances needed as well. The contractor was a problem and Bart attempted to help there but there was only so much he could do on that end with respect to fixing the mistakes that were construction errors not design errors.

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A good quality addition and renovation to this Toronto house resulting from committed design and construction.


They started work in March 2017 and said it "would be about 6 months". A few months later they gave us a schedule that indicated a finish date of December 2017. By May 2018 we were fed up and we asked them to not return. We will fix the remaining issues (eg 4+ visits to fix eves and they are still leaking). At no time did they indicate we were the delay. Extra work charges in the thousands that were not approved by us prior to the work being done. There are so many inaccurate statements in the Jackson response. I have no interest in debating them here. Good luck if you choose to use them. I could go on but you get the idea.

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Company Response

We have apologized for our timeliness due to internal staffing issues but also there were some health issues and surgeries on the clients’ side. They asked us not to return from Dec 2017 – March 2018 due to these surgeries. Not to mention once the demolition started we ran into our first obstacle; a concrete pad, which was covered in dirt about a 1’ to 18” below grade; approximately 24” thick by the width of the house. We also ran into bad weather during the summer months. As it relates to the eaves we did not want to make quick fixes but diligent ones with results when that did not occur we realized the problem may be bigger than originally thought. We attempted repairs on the eaves 4 different times with minor success each time; we would have returned as many times as necessary to complete the warranty issue.

Jackson took on thousands of dollars in Extra Work Orders to please the client; not charged to the client and paid for by the firm itself

• Windows and aluminum on old part of house
• Spray foam insulation in place of batt insulation
• Spray foam duct work for A/C unit
• We did double water proofing due to possible break down of exterior waterproofing
• Drainage for future interior water proofing in the basement
• 4x4 skylight put in, unit plus framing in place of size suggested
• Special scaffolding used between houses due to problems with neighbours (due to issues from the past)
• Landscape stairs, pad & retaining wall in place of concrete stairs, pad & retaining wall
• Exterior masonry foundation we were to parge, we did stucco to match the entire addition instead
• Supply and install stucco moulding around windows & door on the rear of the building, so it wouldn’t look so bland
• We leveled main floor & 2nd floor as close as possible as he wouldn’t pay for leveling
• Supply and install railing to the front porch so that job would pass building code inspection
• All inspections passed including building, plumbing & electrical

Jackson & Associates Inc. did take on multiple Extra work orders not included in the agreement but asked for by the client following the contract being drawn up therefor they knew they would be billed for extras not paid for out of Jackson’s kindness and willingness to compromise & make the client happy.