Quite possibly the worst experience I have ever had as a home owner and customer in utilizing this company to do our pre and post renovation assessments for the Home Energy Conservation program. Audits were done in September (pre-renos) and December (post-renos) last Fall by Greensaver. Was assured by the company that they were sending all the audits to Enbridge in late December. I realized once I spoke with Enbridge in March after awaiting the rebate that didn't come for a few months that no documents were sent, not even the initial audit that was done the previous September. After I spoke with Greensaver, they then finally sent my initial audit on March 22. More than three months after I was told they had done so. If I had not called Enbridge to check the status of our rebate, the initial audit may not ever have been sent at all. I have called and emailed the company several times over past few months to figure out my rebate, and by now in mid-May, Enbridge still had not received the final audit that was completed in December. It's almost been half a year and I paid over $400 for these audits to be done up-front. The company is clearly disorganized and has not performed the service that I have paid them to do. I have had to call and follow up and email the company several times to get them to do their job. And even then, they are slow to respond and follow up. I still do not know what the issue was with our file. Enbridge has not received the final audit that we paid hundreds of dollars to be done six months ago. The experience I have had in contacting their "Manager in Audits and Quality Assurance" has been sub-par. She is slow to answer calls, respond to emails, and has not kept her word on several occasions as to response times in following up with our inquiries. I DO NOT recommend this company for the Home Energy Conservation program.

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Company Response

Hello Doris,

Thank you for the honest feedback. Sorry to hear about your negative experience with GreenSaver.

Someone from our team will be reaching out privately so that we can ensure a positive resolution. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your continued patience.

We will use your feedback to continually address and make service improvements. Thank you, The GreenSaver Team.