We hired Rulestone Renovations as a trusted supplier having performed many renovations in our Toronto homes. The project of rebuilding a 50-year old cottage and making it our permanent home proved to be too big a project. We had architectural plans made and received an undertaking from Rulestone owner, Dave to commute to site with his crew and complete the work by mid-January. We did 'move-in' but our place was virtually uninhabitable as most of the finishing was not completed. On the day he promised to return to continue, Dave called to state he was not returning to the unfinished project. We had paid him in full to date. We were devastated as we so trusted this individual. We were forced to complete the renovations with local tradespeople over the next four months while living amid the resulting chaos. When the snow melted we faced a total mess of reno garbage strewn over the property. Since then we have had plumbing, electrical, heating, insulation and roofing problems too numerous to list. We await the next 'surprise' with dread. This is a clear case where Dave, faced with the task of completing the job, simply picked up his tools, left the site and his ethics behind.

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