Went into Parks after researching all the major outlets and a few online spots. Wanted to "test drive" the sofa before buying. Parks had a huge selection of sofas for us to demo. The store is in an old warehouse building which has a lot of character. Pricing was extremely competitive. Once you spend $1200 you become a member for life and this entitles you to membership pricing which works out to around 40% off retail. This price ended up being much cheaper than the online company Wayfair and arrived in less time. To save some $ I opted to pick my item up which arrived in about four weeks.

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I hired these guys to repair my driveway in August of 2016. I can't tell you how impressed I was. The guys lifted all the interlocking bricks, stacked them neatly on my lawn after cleaning each one individually. Next they scraped up, leveled and compacted the driveway before re-laying the interlocking and finally packing it with a product to stop it from shifting. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and they were unable to seal it but will becoming as soon as the weather gets a little warmer in 2017. At the same time they added on a new interlocking porch in front of the house and while they could not exactly match the interlocking brick from the driveway they did a great job making it look uniform. The workers including owner, Rob Higgins were extremely professional. They never used inappropriate language and always were respectful towards my wife and young children. I highly recommend Rob Higgins and all the Higgins Hardscape crew.

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Thanks very much !


Bought this service off WagJag. $89 for 15 ducts. $10 for extra ducts. I knew I had 19 so I was prepared for the $40 extra. As soon as they came in they asked to leave their boots on, no booties or other protection... Unprofessional. Next was the "inspection". The guy used his phone and took a shot inside my 2 year old furnace and said how dirty it was. Next while counting the Ducts they also added in the Cold Air Returns in the count upping my count to 24. Next came the real money grab. $200 each for my heat exchanger and Air Conditioner. I said I didn't want them done because I had a service with Reliance. He indicated they would not do this even though I know they will. I said I only wanted the service I paid for. They would not do it. They said there would still be dirt. I said I don't care as long as the majority of it was clean. Again they would not do it. I told them to leave. It took another 10 minutes of them arguing before they actually left. Before buying their service I did read the reviews on Google. After I did a lot more research and found the reviews are completely false. Out of all the positive reviews the people reviewed two connected companies who do the same job. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT BUY THIS SERVICE!

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