This builder seems to stand behind there product but there selling tactics are no the most honest, we were told that if we bought a house with a basement suite that we would received a $20.000 dollar grant from the city for having a basement suite and was not told that we had to apply for this grant before the suite was build to be approved , we bought the house on the pretext that we would receive this $20000 grant for having a basement suite that's what we were told before we bought it and that was the only reason we bought this house. After we purchased this house we received a letter from the city saying that we are rejected because we have applied after the suite was builded you would think that this company would of known this and been able to inform us of this before we bought the house , we asked many times if qualified for this grant and we were told that yes you will get it no problem . So buyer be were have everything on paper before you decided to buy a house from Encore . This grant was going to be used to do the landscaping and fence so I guess that we will not have a fence or landscape for years to come because of this builder.

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