I contracted Bellini to install custom guards for stairs in my house which was being renovated. Although I paid in full (see attached photo), Bellini "forgot" to bring and install a handrail along a set of steps. It is now many months after the original installation of the guards, and Bellini is refusing to complete the installation as contracted and as paid for. I have discussed this several times by telephone, but he has become belligerent and claims to be "too busy" to complete the work. Also, all of the posts have decorative caps (see photo), except one (see photo); and for some reason, Bellini refuses to supply a cap for that post. Many pickets are fixed in place, but some rotate (see photo). And the the lower railing to the basement has a trough that holds the pickets. The trough between pickets was never filled, with the result that the trough collects dirt and dust and the railing looks totally unlike the other railings Bellini installed.

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Company Response

In regards to your complaint there is no handrail in our contract, only railings (guards). You ordered a different railing to the basement because you wanted to save money and something removable. In regards to the “trough between pickets” you asked for that. That spindle is glued and screwed so would only rotate if it was forced (see pic). After completion of the work you paid and said you were very happy with the work. Why would you pay in full if railings were different and handrail and post cap was missing? It doesn't make sense to pay in full and give our company a 0?