December 30,2016 we had our water turned off by the city due to a break in our main water line on our property so our responsibility and no insurance coverage for that. It was a bad time for this to happen too because it was cold and difficult to contact contractors due to the New Years proximity. I wanted to do my due diligence and get at least 3 quotes as I heard the prices can vary a lot but at the same time there was an urgency to get the work done quickly. I did talk to Colin at TerraBurst early on but was convinced by another contractor that they had the best types of technologies to mitigate risk and really put "The Fear of God" into me about what can go wrong. Next came the quote. This took forever with all kinds of ridiculous excuses for the delays. When I did get their quote it was for $12,000! When asked why so high I was told their equipment was down and were sub-contracting someone else's equipment, WOW! So I called Colin and the next day he was out and verbally quoted no more than 8000. If I went with him right away I would have been with water 4 days earlier and Colin is a man of his word. There was no written quote and the price was exactly what he said. They have done hundreds of these water line pulls and they all worked. And Colin is there himself doing the job! So my advise...if you are as unfortunate as us with a water line break, just go ASAP with Colin at TerraBurst right away or you may be thoroughly disappointed.

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Company Response

Hi Trent,
I recall this job very well! Thank you for spending the time to write a review, and share your experience with us. We pride ourselves on standing by our original quote - no excuses. Happy to have helped take the stress down a few notches :)
~ Colin.