My husband is retiring from the Army and we are leaving Ottawa after more than 18 years in the same house. When our real estate agent came to size up the property for sale, he left us with a page full of recommendations -- and a warm recommendation for Arie Kamil of Kamil Carpentry Services. Arie and his colleague Rob went through the list from top to bottom and did everything on it, from reparging a section of foundation and repairing drywall to painting three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a well-used kitchen, as well as all the trim in the rest of the house. Everything was done precisely as specified and very neatly; they even moved the furniture out from the walls -- including several large bookcases, all full -- and put everything back when they were finished. All through the project, they were friendly and mindful of the safety and security of the household, taking care not only to keep exterior doors closed and locked, but also to ensure that the cats did not get into places where they should not go. Best of all, Arie and Rob always arrived on time, they completed their work quickly, and their price was reasonable and fair.

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