Aaron is the most polite, professional, and generous tradesperson I have had the pleasure of working with. He was very knowledgable and communicated things clearly. His entire crew was positive and friendly.

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Company Response

Hi there! Thank you so much for the kind review. It was a pleasure working with you on your project and we look forward to working with you in the future. Cheers ~ Expert Plumbing and Drains.


communication was prompt and professional. The electricians that were sent to do the work were polite and self managing. The work was completed well, and when things were missing or not exact, they were quick to correct it.

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MTC Plumbing was quick to return my call and schedule an appointment. He communicated via text what time he would be arriving within the original time window we discussed. He installed my laundry sink quickly, and advised on some things that would make it safer/better. Great service.

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Tim, the owner operator of this company, has been the most unprofessional tradesperson I’ve worked with. When he arrived to change the locks on 3 doors at my business, things seemed fine, and he even complemented me on how easy I was to work with. He cited he was missing some parts, and would have to return to finish the job another day. In the weeks that followed, Tim failed to show up for 4 scheduled appointments to finish the job. When I commented via text that he had missed 4 appointments, he showed up at my business and berated me in front of my customers. 
It ended up taking 4 visits (he was late on all four visits) to change 3 locks and 3 door closures. + the four visits he scheduled and didn’t show up. After one month, one of the door closures ended up pulling my door frame apart. Since he said his work was guaranteed, I called to schedule a repair. He did not show up for the appointment. Instead he sent a lengthy text full of excuses the next day. Then he showed up unannounced and asked my husband for his phone number because “guys talk straight”. In the end, I never received a proper invoice and my door is still broken. He no-showed a total of 5 times, arrived late the 4 times he did show up, was sexist, and spewed so many excuses. I would rather hire and pay a new locksmith to fix Tims poor job than to deal with Tim again. What a frustrating experience.

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Company Response

As I informed You when I took this job putting on and old farm door and a hand made frame out of dried wood would not meet the fire code, you assured me this was not an issue.
I was contracted by you to do an estimate . Once I gave you the estimate you suggested that on one of the three doors we worked on the closer would be fine.
Seeing that it was not fine you then agreed to put the closer on another day anyway.
You also did not inform me that you made the slat unatched or hardly attached frame out of skit 2 by 2 wood. Which was covered by paint with no bottom rail to join the slats.
I see the picture of the frame that you snapped as my workmanship when I arrived thier the strike plate on the Frame you could practically put a can of pop in there. I secured that plate with 3" screws and filled the holes mentioning to you that I would touch that up by taking the caulking off the stike when done.
I quoted the job in the day light and made arrangements to come in and do the job when you opened your club . That way you don't have to make extra trips, I would work around your schedule.
I was a little surprised to see that the club is near pitch black with non stop music and video's playing on the back wall non stop.
Having to work with three suppliers and Your evening schedule I thought was reasonable from our point of view as we worked around your schedule and only came in when you were allready there.
I was shocked when you asked through You husband who left a message on the answering machine "that you wanted to return some of the hardware and maybe I could use it for some other customer" .
That piece of political manoeuvring set the diolog for the " guys straight talk" conversation . Which in context was me trying to affirm your husband of the fact that I returned his call and informed him of our company policy on hardware installed. It has not changed since 1989 when I started the business .
This is the direct quote. In context since the job I felt you had dumped off to Him for what reason I don't know, although I do know those I never abraded you in front of your customers. I have never talked back nor talked disrespectful to any customer. Ever! Period ! Exclamation mark.
Getting back to the "Guys straight talk"
I said to your husband I wouldn't mind finishing this job under your supervision, it is not that I don't respect your Wife because I have the I most respect for Her, but sometimes Guys are able to talk straight with one another."
My true thought was after having had to reschedule because of supplier scheduling and the fact that you allready changed the job or attempted to twice it might be better, safer, for me to deal with Him.
It is funny how all of these problems arose after I did not want to take back hardware allready installed.
It was also my choice to deal with your husband after you chose to be so blunt with me on the phone when you called me and asked me why I did not call you back when I did call you back and left a detailed message to your husband on our company policy as it far as "taking back hardware allready installed "Now this is the first time I heard you say that I berated You in front of two customers. This is simply not true. Why in the world would I berate a customer?
I did however go in and see your husband before you comments and explained that I would be willing to bring a carpenter in at my expense and finish off the header properly for you, to which He seemed amendable and even smiled.
I explained to Him the terrible flue I have been struggling with which culminated with me losing my balance and for the first time since 1989 having to completely not even answer he phones. That was for one business day! Which happened to be the one that You and a few of my regular customers where not able to be serviced.
My appointment with your company that day was to see what was going on with 2x2 header for the door closer arm.
Now that I have thoroughly explained my perception of what happened I would like to apologize to You and Your husband Mike Racheal. Nobody wants to feel neglected or that that they did not get value for thier money. That is why I offered to have my carpenter finish the header for you so the door and frame will then be installed correctly . Also our 5 Year warranty is in full effect regardless of differences in opinion procedure or any other misunderstanding .
I am human, I do make mistakes, when I do I don't stop until they are corrected.
I will follow up with another visit with your husband to take his instruction on the header repair.
Normally when customers take hardware off the door or anyone else does this null and voids the warranty . Although I have never used the clause. I am not after revenge, I am not angry, just concerned. You deserve the same treatment I would like or expect myself. In this case I am offering and I allready offered to Your husband before I recieved your review, to go above and beyond what " others" would do . We are not others. We are just like You.

Thank- You Racheal
Owner and Head Locksmith Tim Miller
W 416-699-6110
C 416-826-4719