Replaced all the windows, the windows are good, the installing was not so good , but the customer service is horrible. The windows were installed in April of 2017. a couple of windows were not the right size, which they rectified in about a month. One bedroom window they had frosted glass instead of clear glass. Customer service promised to replace it. They have come a couple of times again with frosted glass and a couple of times with the wrong size glass. After numerous calls it is still to be replaced. Now they keep send me demand letters for the balance of the payment and even threatened to put me in collection. Now after many many calls to the service department the glass still has not been changed. About a month ago the call ed to say that the glass will be replaced they even gave me a time and date today between 9.00 am and 12 pm. the did come at 9.30 but with the wrong size glass. I have called customer service but have not heard from them as yet. 04/16/19 After 6 weeks they came with the replacement and would you know it they again brought the wrong size. to add insult to injury they even cracked the existing window pane. When Consumers choice is contacted they keep apologizing but now relief in sight. I just hope this time they will bring the correct window pane. 06/25/19 Now after a call inquiring about the glass pane, two months later they call after I called them to say that the glass is ready. At last the pane was replaced today, and immediately the man wanted payment for it. It was only $328.00. they are so slow to give the service but demand payment. Like I said earlier THE WINDOWS RE GOOD, the installation not so good but the customer service is very very poor.

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Company Response

Hi Dorai. After visiting your home Monday March 25, we determined the reason for the wrong glass being delivered. We have rectified the issue and have new glass ordered. We are also in agreement regarding timing of final payment. Regards, Consumer's Choice Team.