Thinking about those new infills? Think again. Everything was fine until high dollar value issues came up, Tech View Homes completey chipped up my driveway while working on the landscaping and now doesn't want to fix it. Anil lacks any common sense to understand why this an issue and wonders why I'm upset. Nothing like buying a $450k+ house and having and the cement chipped up, should also see the "patch" job that deteriorated the next day. He also loves to forget what work was promised but that's okay I made sure a contract was signed - now he is questioning why we included the line items - hilarious! Can't wait to see the judge's face when he mentions he doesn't remember signing the contract. Anil also demonstrates his lack of professionalism by pulling his guys off the site while they were working on the sod (as per contract) leaving a nice mess for us to clean up. Proceeds to leave a pallet of sod to die on my driveway as well. Reason? For submitting a warranty claim, for lack of timelines or a response when things would be completed. I'd rather pay an extra $50k to avoid these fools next time.

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We have used Geoff twice for home inspections and found him to be very thorough. Not only does Geoff educate you along the way, he provides helpful suggestions with improving the house even if they are not required by code.

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Company Response

Thanks David for the review on Home Stars, it was a pleasure helping you and your girl friend to finally find your new house. All the best and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.