I purchased some pulls from this store in October and had to return several of them because they did not fit. I was told by Mike O. that I could return them without incurring the restocking fee. When they were returned, a restocking fee was charged. After over a month of follow up emails, phone messages and finally an email sent through their Website, I received a call from Mike. He confirmed that I could get a store credit however he didn't know how it would be provided so that I can reference it when I use it in the future. He said he would check with his manager and get back to me. Of course, he didn't get back to me and I had to follow up again. His response was that he was going to be on vacation and he left a note on his manager's desk. I left a phone message with the manager Don R. on December 19 and have not received a response. Very disappointed in their after sales service. If they had told me at the beginning that the restocking fee could not be refunded I would have simply understood and left it. It's the lack of response and my constant follow-ups that has frustrated me.

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