While the move from our house into storage went extremely well, the storage itself was a disaster. When our belongings were delivered, three items were missing (our lawnmower, a bed and a loveseat). The loveseat was kept by Appleby because it was damaged. It took three months for them to deliver it. They fixed it but very poorly. They blamed it on sun damage though I assured them that the loveseat had never been in the sun. A matching couch was also damaged, a teak table scratched, a leg on a chair smashed and a compressor damaged.

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Company Response

Hi Patrick,

I'm sorry you were unsatisfied with your move. We did fix the teak table, the leg on a chair and the couches. I'm unsure why this was not mentioned in the posting. When I personally delivered the one sofa to you, I had to show you where the original damage was done. It was news to me that you were not happy with the one sofa repair. For the table and chair leg, we sent out Restwell Upholstery to fix the damage right away and when speaking to your wife, she told me they did a very good job. The sofa took a little longer because it was here in Burlington and getting it out to Peterborough took a little longer due to the distance. Also, this is the first time hearing about a compressor? We were in constant contact with you over those 3 months and as I recall your home wasn't complete when we moved you in. We strive to make everyone's move stressless and easy. If something goes wrong we fix it as we did in this case based on the knowledge we had.