At the beginning these guys were not my first choice. If I could, I would have hire another company but timing wasn’t on my side and my condo board asked us to hire them or end up paying more money for the work. Southern Cross was set to replace all the damaged KiTEC pipes in my apartment. They completed the work at the end of October but not on the best quality as promised when hired. To be fair some of the guys in the house were very friendly but the mess left behind along with the ongoing issues left a sour taste in our mouths. With the holes cut into walls in the bedrooms kitchen and bathroom we found drywall compoud dust on everything. The next day we left a note asking them to cover our things with drop cloths when they were working. But when we came home after work we found everything still covered with dust. We had to wash linens, pillows and duvets twice to get the dust out (each night!). I had to vacuum the couch to get the dust out of the fabric. It sucks now because when I sit on the couch I can see a small cloud of dusty puff up from the couch. Not great if you have allergies. A bad experience continued every day when they were in the house, with more dust every day and they must have left their work boots on, slopping in water from the outside, and scuffing our hardwood floors. When I got home early one of the days I asked the manager to send someone to clean the floor. A friendly guy with an accent came and used a dirty rag to clean the floor which made it even worse. If they can not care for your personal property, then how can they take care with the new pipes they install in the apartment? I would not trust them back in my home.

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Company Response

Hi Mark,

I would like to start off by offering my apologies for your experience with us, while some positive as mentioned, others are a concern. I believe we came back to clean your unit again prior to this review and after the photos were taken. I can assure you we do use cleaning products with a swiffer mop to clean with not dirty rags. Once again I apologize that it was not to your satisfaction.