>>>Laurysen Kitchens mission statement will continue to guide us: “To provide quality Laurysen Kitchens, individually designed, to enhance our customers’ home environment in a professional and dependable manner at an affordable price.” It is not true. Laurysen Kitchens don't care about their customers at all. We are waiting for them to finish/fix our kitchen in our new build house since May 6 2021! We are extremely upset and appalled with the service of this company. We have been living in our home for over six months now, and still things are either unfinished or are finished really poorly and we are waiting for this company to come back and fix their mistakes. We cannot utilize our kitchen to its full extent, and when we do hear from the company that they would be coming to work on it, they reschedule at the last minute, wasting our time. For those people who are buying a new kitchen, don't be fooled by the superior quality you are seeing in their design studios, you will not see that kind of quality when they install your kitchen. If this company can't fulfill their current orders, to their supposed standards, then they need to stop taking future orders and figure out how to resolve the problems they're having with their current clients. Monika

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