I am a business owner in the we send of the city, our showroom need a complete over hall. It had not been changed since the early fifties. I met Thom through another big job for one of my clients whom is a big automobile dealer with several location in the city. He made his showroom looking absolutely exquisite and wanted the same for us. After our initial meeting, I realized that i am dealing with a man not alone is artist, designer, builder and visionary in his field, he is a true one stop shop. We ended up meeting all the deadlines on time and on budget for our business. Every aspect of my renovation was discussed in detail and in a very transparent way. Thank you Thom from every one. Furthermore, Thom was able to have a look at our house renovation and started within 6 weeks. I absolutely love every aspect of his inout and results at the house. My wife loves the changes we made and his price was at least $150 less than the previous contractors and renovators in the area. I wil reccomend Thom Hirtz without any hesitation and please feel feree to connect with me should you require any confirmation. Magnus

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