We discussed design ideas with Andre and he was very helpful figuring out what we wanted and what would be most aesthetically pleasing. The work was completed as expected and they did an excellent job on the project.

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Company Response

Thank you for the review Bill.
You've done a great job designing your back yard!


This house is 5360 sq ft and very tall with many angles and corners, a difficult house to paint. Joseph and his team took it on worked long and hard. I think it took them longer than they had planned but no complaints and they just carried on until it was done. We found things like drips and drabs and they came back and cleaned up everything we pointed out.....everything. One of the guys trucks dripped oil on our driveway and they even cleaned that, so we were impressed. Joseph does what he says he is going to do and that is what you want in a contractor. Fair and reasonable guy that wants to earn your business.

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Company Response

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the feedback, I was unaware of these issues since the last time we meet. I will be in contact with you shortly to discuss your concerns and to resolve any issues.



The new boiler I bought from them is unable to heat my home if the temperature drops below 2 degrees. They claim the boiler is more powerful than my old boiler but it does not heat my home when it is cold. They claim an outdoor thermostat that is provided by Veissman does not work. They did try to resolve the problem, but when they couldn't figure it out they just abandoned the situation unresolved. I had another company come in, they indeed said the boiler would heat this house and then some, but Coleman installed incorrectly. Coleman used piping that was too small, pumps in wrong spots, thermostat incorrectly installed and many, many other issues. I called Gandy & they corrected everything and it works great now, with NO thanks whatsoever to COLEMAN. They eventually went bankrupt and now are trying to resurrect themselves. BEWARE

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