This is my second review for this company but I was so pleased with the service the second time around, I'd like to offer another satisfied customer comment for this local shop. I purchase and had installed a Beam vacuum in my home and the second vacuum I needed was for our company shop. The salesman remembered me and was very helpful with advice on the right unit for what I needed. He gave me a discount for coming back as well as a box of bags and a floor attachment for no charge. They guys in the shop are friendly and carried my unit out to my car for me in the rain. Keep up the honest, good service!

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Company Response

Thank you for your continued support, we appreciate your business very much. We have built the company on honesty and good service. We realize that a little extra effort is what we all look for when we are spending our hard earned dollars. We're glad to help and thank you again.


We hired Canmark over the winter to replace our cedar roof with concrete tiles. As this type of roof is double the price of asphalt, we were hoping for very high quality from a larger well known company. Although aspects of the job were done well, there were some disappointing areas and problems with communication that in the end, left us feeling like it was a lot of work on our part. I did find it confusing to understand who was supposed to be dealing with the scheduling or any concerns we had about our project but once completed, the problems we needed rectified were passed onto Todd who was very nice to deal with and promised to have the issues fixed. It did take quite a bit of follow up on my part to have the problems fixed which included some unsightly work on our back lower roof. It was not communicated up front what options we had with the flashing and this was only talked about after it had been done sloppily. I felt bad complaining as the crew did work through some very cold weather but the quality of some of the finishing work was poor. They did send out another crew to fix this once the weather was nicer and although it did look much better, we did not receive a follow up call from the company once completed and it's been a number of months. We are mostly satisfied with the new roof but feel this company could improve somewhat on communication upfront, during and after the process.

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When we built our house 8 years ago, we dealt with Cordells and everything went smooth. We were happy with the blinds and had no problems at first. Since then, my vertical blinds have pulled out of the wall and the inside window blinds upstairs are horrible for cold weather and we can't close them or they build up ice on the window. I have turned my humidifier down but it still builds up water/ice. I had Cordells back to install the same vertical blinds in the bedrooms a few years back and overall it was a good experience although their prices are high. The fabric on my verticals is faded very badly and I wanted to get new fabric cut to fit. I have approaced Cordell's in the past at the home show and had mixed remarks on whether this was possible. First they said they wouldn't do it then they said they could. A few months ago I dealt with Diane/Diana at Cordells, brought them my old fabrice to measure and picked out a new one. Considering all the money I've spent there, for 2 blinds I was shocked when they came back with $725 for new fabric. What a rip! The fabric was cheap, they were charging me $410 for labour, just to sew over a few hems. I found a seamstress who was willing to do it for much cheaper and I found fabric for the same price that was nicer. Also Diane was extremely rude when I went to pick up my old fabric from them and told her I thought it was too expensive. I will never return, they have lost my business

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