This was the second time (18-June-2021) that I used You Move Me to move the contents of my home. I was referred to the company by a satisfied customer and I've referred people to the company who have been thoroughly satisfied as well. On both occasions the movers were amazing, Jimmy who did the intake/quote was also great on both occasions. Unfortunately, for this second move, they failed to let me know what they were now charging a fee for the movers to return to their office. Interestingly enough the first time I hired them (August 2020) in the same city, they did not charge a fee for the movers to return to their office. I don't have any issues with paying the costs associated with moving, however, like most people would expect an honest and true quoting process. Especially when a new fee has been added compared to the last time I hired them. Note that this $175 charged was in addition to the travel fee of $210 for a total of $385 Etobicoke-Oshawa round trip (~$3/km).

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