I couldn't agree more with an earlier post. The owner was friendly and professional when he met us before our move. I paid a percentage of the quoted cost up front (a small downpayment). The day of the move we were supposed to have three movers. Two showed up. I called the owner and he questioned me why I was calling him. The reason for this was that he had another moving company which had done a lot of work for him over the years that were doing the actual move … but they were not his employees, they were from another moving company. In order to have the third mover, my wife had to pick another man up from a nearby gas station. I will admit, the actual movers were very good and worked hard. However, the truck was not large enough to get all items in on one trip and at 6 pm they told us they’d have to come back the next day. I informed the owner and he became enraged. He swore uncontrollably. He called one of the movers with me still on the phone and started swearing at him. It was extremely inconvenient that they had to come back the next day as my family had other plans. However, we had no choice if we wanted to get the remaining items out of the house. I did have a storage unit that was 2 km’s from my old home. I was going to move those contents myself however; I figured that if they had to come back the second day they could, in fair turn, get the contents from the storage unit as well. They finished the entire job on the second day in 1 ½ hours. When we were told of the final bill we were told that we were being charged an additional 3 hour minimum. I didn’t agree to this and called the owner. He was rude, threatening and belligerent. All in all, the final price was fair, the actual movers were hard working but attitude of the owner was appalling and unprofessional. I would never recommend this moving company to anyone, ever.

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