We had a mice problem in our home for awhile and were trying to get rid of them. Initially I had hired Pestend to deal with the situation and within a couple of months mice were back. After checking the reviews on Homestar I called GTA Wildlife Removal and Pest Control and they were much more professional. Carl was the technician that served us and he was great. He informed us we actually had mice and possibly rats, and set up the baits the most efficient way to get rid of the problem fast. He noted that the other company actually didn't put enough bait which is why we had a re-occurrence, this was very upsetting since we basically paid for nothing. Within few weeks we noticed less and less mice activity, Carl also came back after 30 days to do a follow up and do any necessary refills. We haven't seen any mice dropping or heard any activity since and I'm very happy. If you want pest control done right the first time I would recommend you hire these guys!

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Thanks for taking the time to write this incredible review. This is the real truth. To cut the price companies use less bait. Plus they make false promises of blocking holes to lure the public attempting to increase sales. If you want it done right Use GTA wildlife removal and Pest Control. Thanks we love Carl too. He's got above average attitude and cares for everyone. Thanks